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First a shoutout to Rebecca at Thrifty Goodness for sending me all these Martha Stewart goodies. I won her 2nd blogoversary give-away. How cool is that? There is a shadow box, silver-trimmed cards and envelopes, 3-D roses, a "Best Wishes" banner and pretty ribbons. I'm sure to come up with some creative uses for them. Thanks again, Rebecca

Free redecorating with cafe rods I bought in the wrong size for another project and our old kitchen curtains. One of the cabinet doors fell off as the kids' stuff is in that cupboard and they have a tendency to hang on the doors. While sorting fabrics, I found the curtains and realized they were just the right size. Took the other door off, and voila, it looks much tidier.

I seem to be on a theme here and didn't know it. We've been hauling things out to hold a garage sale next week but I keep unearthing things that have come in handy. Case in point, these two tall bottles. I filled them with lavender from Scotland and catnip from a local farm. Much better than the plastic bags that keep getting moved around the house.

And another benefit of the garage sale prep -- I cleaned out our china cabinet and have much more room for fabric!!!! Woohoo!!!!! We figured we never use anything that is stored in it, so it's all going up for sale and my studio will be tidier (I hope).

See the plate below? It is part of our 75-piece set of Liberty Blue dishes, which we might use at Christmas each year and used to be housed in the cabinet above. I planned on using it as our regular everyday dishes until I saw what the pieces sell for on eBay. Yikes!!! We've decided to sell them instead. (Not to worry, I have yet another set of older dishes, my great-aunt's, which we will put to good use.)

On the plate is the baking for the week. My oldest bakes at least once a week, and unlike me who tends to reduce the fat and sugar, he follows the recipes to the T -- including dredging the sugar cookie batter in sugar before baking. I'll admit they taste reeeeeeally good. I swear, everyone needs a 14yo!!!

At first I resisted the pens that only color on specific papers. I thought it would stifle creativity or something -- until we got some as a gift and I found more on clearance. It is the best thing for keeping the little one busy while I get other things done and it is truly a clean art medium. Until the older kids get a hold of the pens and write on themselves saying "Look, we're shiny."

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