Blast from my artistic past

In cleaning things out, I came across a box of my old design work. Before I had kids, more than 15 years ago, I was a graphic designer. I worked for my hometown paper and then for a local public relations firm. I was pretty hot stuff mainly because I knew how to use the newest tool in a designer's repertoire -- the Macintosh.

Looking back at the work now, it seems so pedestrian, dated and plain old lame, lol. I tossed out all the old diskettes and the bulk of the samples I had saved. Somewhere I have my job-search portfolio. Saving one copy of my "best" work will suffice for posterity.

The only things that held up to the test of time weren't even done on the computer. They were these two collages I did to illustrate two editorials on the tough economic times we were going through back then. They inspire me to do even more collage now.

For now, I'm going back to the sorting. I have to go through my boys' school artwork and narrow it down a bit. That will be even harder to toss, I fear.

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