More blogging distractions

It took me another week, but here are linky dinks to some of my favorite posts from the blogroll to the right.

•Thanks to Orange, I can now oldify my photos.

• Look at the cuteness here.

• I just bought a folk art tablecloth that would work perfectly as a zippered pouch like this one.

• I want to make mollychicken's little houses. I might just create the form and let the boys decorate them.

• I'm just loving Norththreads redwork drawstring bags.

• Just look at these shelves and shelves of gorgeous vintage fabric. And my dh thinks I have a lot, lol. Oh, and I want that craft room!

• Look at these creative cards made of vintage papers, cardstock and fabric. Simple yet so elaborate.

• I'm having troube just making a simple flower and Penny made a whole chrysanthemum hot pad.

• And since I can't even understand crochet patterns in English, I'd certainly will be totally lost following them in Japanese.


susiej said...

Cool sites!! I especially like the cards!

Natalie said...

I was out visiting all the links, and I had to remember where I started! You! Thank you for the wonderful excursion!