I don't knit but have a yarn stash

Aren't they soft and purty?

I got them for 10¢ a skein at a Salvation Army garage sale
(at the actual SA, not their thrift store).

Most of them are angora, alpaca or mohair blends.

I dug them out of a bag of at least 200 skeins of yarn.

It's been fun rolling them into yarn balls over the past few days.

I have crochet hooks somewhere and used to know how to do a chain stitch so I may try that with some of it. I also want to try needle felting.

Dh can't complain they are taking up room.

I have them stashed inside a suitcase in our bedroom.
I didn't realize how gorgeous its purple lining is.

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Lisa said...

Ooh! I could just swim in that suitcase of yarn!! Yummy!

And, if you can't find something to do with them, I am here to volunteer to take them off of your hands! (*wink*)