Catching up

Lots going on IRL -- job change for dh, school yearbook, garage sale prep, yard work -- and I feel like I've really neglected other bloggers, so today I am getting caught up on each and every one listed over there on the right (scroll down a it).

• The Tooth Fairy visited Rachel's house recently, bringing much much more than she brought to my kindergartener last night for his first lost tooth. I think we need "Nana Toof Fairy" too.

The Poo's mom hauled out her basement like we did last week. I hope her sale turns out as profitable as our garage sale was.

• The three little mouses and their mommy Rebecca came to our garage sale. Scooby Doo now has a good home full of girls. My little guy cried when Baby Mouse left. Is there still such a thing as arranged marriages? Those girls are soooooo cute!

• Every time I read Mrs. MK's posts about the loss of her daughter Ellie, I get an ache in my heart for her. I hope she finds peace soon.

• In the it's-a-small-world category goes this post. Wow!!!

• I just went shopping for lavender at Apifera Farm in Oregon. What I really want are her animals ... maybe some day.

• Easy repurposing ideas here and here and here.

Crafty Cindy altered Rummy-O tiles and made them into pretty pendants. Maybe I shouldn't have sold off our second copy of the game yesterday....

• I wonder if Kim at Daisy Cottage would be thrilled or upset if I stole her house's color palette. I get inspired every time I pop over there.

Joyce is an IRL friend and co-vendor on Collage. Now that I know how to crochet I may buy some of her lovely yarn! (I'm eying that Lariat colorway.)

• I'm in love with these family doodle pillows given as Mother's Day gifts, maybe because the dad doodle looks a bit like my dh.

I had every intention of reading every blog, but I only made it up to Letter F and my family is clamoring for my attention. To be continued...


susiej said...

I feel so honored that I made your list today. Funny, I dreamed about you last night... truly, and really did, (it was good dream... that's all I remember) and woke up thinking, I wonder how you're doing... and there you were! Hope DH's job transition is smooth.

Rebecca said...

Scooby has not left Middle's side since Saturday. In the car, in the bed on the couch.... he is being loved for sure!

daisy cottage said...

I would most definitely be THRILLED! ;-)