Altered dominoes

This was a good example of "use up what you've got."

Even though they are new, the minute I saw the colorful pack of miniature dominoes, I knew what I would do with them -- d├ęcoupage scenes from vintage picture books.

Once done, I found small round magnets in our bag of refrigerator magnets to add to the back.

"Peter Rabbit's Green Garden"

"Swallows Soaring on Blue"

"Red Roosters"

"Sunny Yellow Playground"

"Cowboys Campfire Songs"

"Blue Hawaii Beach"

"Cinderella's Orange Pumpkin"

Now that I see how easy and fun this is, I'll be doing more, maybe on the letter and word cubes I have from other board games. These will go up on Etsy tomorrow.


Anne K. said...

These are ADORABLE!!!!

Natalie said...

These look great.
I am so frustrated... I am figuring out how to use Google Feed and even though I added you, your posts don't seem to be updating. Thinking I should double check, and I see I have been missing all kinds of posts... arghhh. Well, I can enjoy playing catch-up anyway.

Missy said...

Oh my...those are Adorable Julie! I'll have to hop on over to see if they're up on Etsy yet. Hmmm...soaring birds, Cinderella, cowboys...all too cute!

Darling Petunia said...

They're cute! I like them as magnets, but I'd LOVE them as jewelry. If you drilled holes in them, they could be strung as pendants OR, if you did two sets of holes, you could thread elastic through and make bracelets. (They'd be an okay size, right? You said they were mini.)

Rebecca said...

These are great!! I would definetly buy these as little gifts, or as a filler for a gift. SO creative! Wish I could find your yard sale! If any of your handmade things are in them you will sell out.

Lisa said...

OMG! Way cute!

Christy said...

The magnets are fabulous Julie! What a great idea.

Net said...

They look great!