If it's Memorial Day...

...there must be parades. Four parades down, one more to go this weekend. Here are pictures of our bagpipe bands marching.

Flowers for Mommy.

Scotia-Glenville Pipe Band warming up before the Stillwater, NY parade on Friday night.

My oldest is the drummer on the right.

My second is the banner carrier on the left.

On to Lake George, NY on Saturday morning.
Dh needs his own dresser to get into the drum major gear.

Oldest, aka the Verizon guy with his new glasses, shows off some stick tricks.

The other boys, of course, were drawn to water.

Grandma and Grandpa found us.

No prettier place to warm up than the southern end of Lake George.

Saturday afternoon, it was on to the northern end of the lake for Hague's parade.

Waiting for candy!!!!

Hope you are having a great holiday weekend too!!!
(Head over here if you want to see other parade participants and spectators.)


Jo said...

I have to rate bag pipe music up there in my favprite music list. I loved the photos. Thank you for sharing.

Natalie said...

Hip-hip hooray! I love a parade!

Missy said...

Julie ~ received my awesome rooster magnets...I'll be posting a little link love to your etsy shop sometime this week.

love the pics of the marching band...and your oldest's glasses are terrific!

Lynn said...

My kids performed that the Highland Games in Alma, Michigan last weekend. Bagpipes and drums all around!