My boys want to move here

Their ideal home has an indoor jungle,

a koi pond

and great views.

It also has five eight (we stayed on the 5th floor) levels of play space

with glass elevators to go up and down.

There is a dining area

where they serve you everything you could ever want for breakfast.

There is also a pool for jumping

and splashing.

It has amazing sunsets sunrises (dh just corrected this one for me)

and a comfy place to rest your head at night.

Where is this Eden? It's a hotel. And the boys get upset every time we have to leave one and come home.

PS I'm splitting up the highlights from 310 photos I took in Baltimore between this blog and my other one. If you want to read more stories and see even more photos stop by there. (As if you aren't bored enough already. It is a bit like being trapped on someone's couch enduring their vacation slideshow, isn't it?)


4funboys said...

I'm with your boys... looks like a great place to live with me - as long as the maid and room-service is staying too!

Julie said...

The maid service was my favorite part, lol.

Rebecca said...

I want to move there too!!

KT said...

What an amazing place. Thanks for sharing, I didn't feel trapped at all!