Spring rejuvenation

It is spring break here this week. Knowing I'd be stuck here blessed with the kids' presence all week, I took off for the whole day yesterday, leaving Dad in charge.

My oldest had a drum event an hour from home, so I drove him and a friend and visited a fire department flea market, a Goodwill store and an estate sale. I spent more money than I ever do on a thrift outing but it was cheaper than a day at the spa -- and honestly more rejuvenating for me.

I can't share photos today since I am spring cleaning -- mostly in my studio. All fabric, notions, trims, pins, paper, books, wood, paint, etc have been organized and I feel much better about being even more creative in the weeks to come.

To that end, I want to get some books out of here. I have marked all the books listed in my Etsy shop at half price. I hope to list even more soon. I also plan to put clearance-priced tote bags on Collage (or Etsy) as it doesn't seem like I'll be able to fit in any local craft shows this spring.

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