Lilacs in bud

Before I put photos online, I do some fine tuning in Photoshop Elements. Really helps my point -and-shoot camera's photos pop a bit. I resize, sharpen, brighten and pump up the contrast of every single photo and crop a lot of them.

Recently, I read about using opaque layers to help make them pop even more, so I applied some of the techniques to the photos below. The first photos are the straight from the camera originals. In the middle are the ones with my original fine-tuning. Last are the subtle changes I made with opaque layers.

The differences are very minor but I like subtlety. And I don't like when photos are obviously digitally altered unless I am doing it as an effect.


4funboys said...

What kind of camera took these pictures? Very cool!

I need a new camera so I'm trying to figure out what some good options are.

Rebecca said...

I can really see the difference between the first two examples, but I'm having a hard time seeing the change with the second and third. I knew I needed to get my eyes checked.