Funky green patina

Did anyone get the late '80s cultural reference in my title?

More photos from our outing to the cemetery. Edward Herbert Bemis was a local eye doctor who built quite a few beautiful houses in town. I'd love to do something graphically with the Art Nouveau elements I found on this door.

More photos here.


The Feathered Nest said...

LOVE THESE Julie!!!! I can so see the one with the entire door on the front of a notecard....and I love that patina!! (I cant remember the song though...barely something but not enough to completely remember!) xxoo, Dawn

Rebecca said...

Funky Cold Medina? Tone Loc.

Busters Mom said...

That is a very cool door. My dh and I do some blacksmithing that door is great inspriation. The design would also make for a cool embroidery project in black on white or light color fabric.

Can you tell I enjoyed your pictures. lol.

cyndy said...

Awesome pics.
And I totally got the reference. Now I have a new song stuck in my head. :P