Bloggy book winner

No time to write. My sister taught me to crochet yesterday and I can't put it down.

We drew a number and Barbara won my Blogiversary Book Giveaway!!!!

This is a drop in the bucket of blessings for her. She's been an even bigger winner lately -- two new adorable grandbabies. Go read about the latest's homebirth. I was impressed!

In the small world category, shes hared with me the story of her childhood Skotch Kooler. It really is amazing to think how streamlined things were back then compared to the carload of stuff we must carry whenever we go anywhere.

She also said my lamps remind her of the Grace Livingston Hill novel Re-Creations. Interesting.

Back to crocheting....

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4funboys said...

wow... how do you have time to do all that? amazing...