Little of this and that

Here's my crocheting. I'm mastered the most basic stitch, lol, and I'm practicing others. The two pastel pieces are dishcloths. And the two pieces under the bear are stuffed animal blankies. The bear's scarflette was going to be another blanket but I didn't like how difficult the yarn was to use. It is held together with a clip-on earring.

This is a drawing done by an artist Chris from California. To stretch himself, he asked for photos to draw from and I sent him a picture of my son drumming. Go look at his guitar artwork. Amazing!

Hoping he will eventually potty train, I bought these big boy pants from Missy for his upcoming 2nd birthday. Aren't they adorable?


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Julie! I love your crochet! It looks like you've been doing it for years ~ your stitches are so even and consistent. You would love making rag rugs! Thanks for stopping by to see me and my fairy baby! ~ xxoo, Dawn

Rebecca said...

I love when little boys wear boxers!

Penny said...

Julie, your crochet looks great!! Keep at it!