Like I need to spend more time on photos....

I played around on Photoshop Elements this evening trying to come up with a vintage-y faded version of the bridesmaids' flowers.

This is the original.

This is what I came up with.

Now with a black border.

What about dusty mauve?

I'm thinking of printing up cards of my photography (I haven't done it in years). Would something like this work for a wedding/engagement card? What other of my recent photos should I work with?


Anna said...

that's great! have you played with all the photoshop filters? i love some of the "art" ones for distorting the backgrounds around the main object (that would remain as-is).

The Feathered Nest said...

Yes, Julie, do it!!! You know that I'm a cheerleader of your gorgeous photography, I love the no border look myself....simplicity is beautiful to me ~ xxoo, Dawn

Julie said...

After seeing them up, I agree with you, Dawn. I added another one with a white border, since my blog has a background.

Julie said...

Anna, how do you apply the filter to just the background?

smilnsigh said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by one of my blogs and commenting. You said you found me on 'Bits And Pieces.' 'Tis great how we can surf around, from comments in blogs, isn't it? :-)

OK, since you came to my CDPBlog {Photos-City-Mine}, you know where I'm at. And you said that you're just north of me. What part of the Adirondack Foothills do you inhabit?

I LUV what you did with that photo, to give it the look you want. I so LUV softnesssss in photos and that soft edge, etc. But have no photo-shopping type of program. I'm on a Mac and only have the old iPhoto too. But I've never learned how to get even the new iPhoto. -le sigh- And of course, have never tried to install a photo-shopping program!

Did you guess by now? I'm computer techy challenged. ,-)

Anyway, you did beeeeeeeeeeeutiful things with your photo! -repeat le sigh- :-)

Since I'm never sure if my blog click-able link will take anyone to my Profile Page... I'll put a link to my main blog, below my name. And there, you can find links to {most of} my other blogs.

Yes.. tooo many!!!!!!!!! Just made one for B&W photos, a couple of days ago. This making blogs HASSSSS to stop!!!! >,-)