Look what I did with a little paper and glue


Remember how I told you a few days ago to keep an eye out for what I did with the French floral gift wrap? Here's that post. You waited with bated breath, didn't you?

I found two hobnail milk glass lamps at the estate sale on Saturday.

They joined these three I found last fall. I'd actually had them sitting out on my kitchen counter, along with newly bought white shades, waiting for inspiration to hit. Inspiration knocked me over the head with a two-by-four when I found those papers.

The papers along with a bottle of Mod Podge, some pretty trims and buttons and family movie night (Night at the Museum was funny but not something I could sit and watch all the way through) and I now have 5 beautiful lamps to but up for sale on Etsy.

Floral Bouquet Table Lamp with red pom pom fringe

Cactus Flower Table Lamp with large white pom pom fringe

Floral Sprays Table Lamp with brown and pink ric rac trim

Lacecap Hydrangea Wall Lamp with green and pink ric rac trim

Roses Table Lamp with long white fringe

And as if I didn't decoupage enough, I also turned these three little votive holders...

...into sherbet-colored fairy cottages.


G.L.H. said...

You remind me of the Grace Livingston Hill novel, Re-Creations. Check this out:


I have a Skotch Kooler! I have a photo here:


I emailed you about your blogiversary contest.

Rebecca said...


Andylynne said...

What fun you must have had transforming those. I love those old lamps.

Andrea said...

The very first vase I ever owned was a white hob-nail glass one - I've never seen a lamp. I love how retro they look.