Ahhhh, deep cleansing breath

Things are so much better now and I'm feeling more centered and calm.

Little one pulled a fast one on me. He didn't stay asleep early this morning and didn't fall asleep when I thought he would a bit later, but he did fall asleep in my arms after we got out of the shower. Poor guy was exhausted then. His nap forced me to miss this afternoon's chorus concert but I will go tonight. Isn't it great that the school plans two performances like this?

I feel a sense of domestic accomplishment in having wiped clean the inside of the refrigerator. It was really disgusting, rivaling the bane of my existence -- the bathrooms. Now it is ready to be refilled if I ever get to the grocery store. That too got delayed by the nap issues. (See how bare it is?)

Now, on to what I'd planned on posting about today. A wee bit of Scotland in the form of Christmas gifts. Remember how I cut these Scottie dogs out on Thanksgiving?

I finally got around to turning them into ornaments. Leaving a hole open at the bottom, I attached the two sides together with Fabri-Tac (thanks for the suggestion Dawn). I then stitched around them with the sewing machine, stuffed them with batting and closed it up with more glue and stitches. The glue holds the stitches in place instead of popping pen as I stuffed them and allows the edges to fray slightly.

A black button for the eye, a mini yo-y0 and white button for decoration, a red ribbon for hanging and they are ready for the Christmas tree.

I'd made this simple pillow for one of my boys a few weeks ago. I saw it sitting on his bed and thought it needed a Scottie too. He now wants a Westie on the other side, lol.

Those Scotties were made with the cheapest (as in cost not quality) fabric available to me. Skirts at my favorite thrift store only cost 50¢ and they seem to get a lot of kilts and tartan skirts, often made of wool and from Scotland. I grab every one I see and have used them in quite a few projects. (Last week, I found an actual kilt in a tartan that closely resembles that of my dh's bagpipe band. With some minor adjustments, I'll be able to wear it next season.)

These two were made with much more expensive fabric. Two bolts I bought in Scotland to the tune of $100. Once I figured out the exchange rate, I nearly fell to the floor. I'm trying to recoup some of the cost by selling these ornaments and these pins to members of my son's band (it is their tartan).


Natalie said...

Cute scotties!
Oh your fridge looks so shiny! Empty, sure, but clean... you should swell with pride, take a deep bow and bask in the glow of everyone's awe!

Julie said...

Everyone was shocked at the state of the fridge!

Missy said...

Oh Julie...I just played catch up on your post and am sending a huge cyber hug your way. Also sending have fun wishes for the party this weekend. You deserve a fun night out with hubby.

The fridge looks wonderful! You come do my fridge and I'll sew you a gown :-)

SusieJ said...

Those dogs are adorable... and so happy the fridge is done.

allybea said...

Cute wee dogs! And I love your clean fridge. Mine could do with clean out but it's a big job I keep putting off!

The Feathered Nest said...

These pups are precious, Julie!!! I'm so glad the glue worked good for you, too....boy, you're making me realize how much I need to clean out the ol' fridge!! xxoo, Dawn