Little (rein)deer for Christmas

In my resolve to avoid China-made products and buy more handmade, I bought these online from Missy at Spring Bean Things for two young female relatives. Aren't they cute? One is a notebook and the other is a notepad, both covered in adorable Japanese deer fabric. You can't see it, but her work is meticulous.

Thanks Missy.


Natalie said...

Adorable! Missy's work is very good. Maria's Christmas dress is holding up so beautifully, and she has worn it every other day since its arrival.

Missy said...

Awww...thanks so much for posting about the notebooks Julie. I'm thrilled you like them.

sending good week wishes!

p.s. I believe my mil bought that piper at TJMaxx but I'll double check with her.

SusieJ said...

Those are beautiful. I'm trying to make some like that for the boys to give to each other. I will check her out. Susiej