Things in our household went from bad to worse this morning.

• Son # 2 informed us he had a chorus concert today and came down wearing wind pants and a dress shirt. Had to find him dress pants, iron them and convince him he had to wear them. I then had to rearrange my schedule so I can go hear him sing both this afternoon and this evening.

• Son #4 woke up with a poopy diaper and we were totally out of diapers. None left in my secret stash or in the van. Necessitated a quick trip to the grocery store at 7 am. That's what I get for trying to put off shopping for one extra day.

• Son #3 never emptied his backpack yesterday. He's student-of-the-week and had all sorts of things he should've brought in at the start of the week. We got a few things done this morning and will have to finish up the rest for tomorrow. He'll be lucky his bulletin board of photos is up for the weekend.

• Son #1 tried to be helpful throughout all of this but when I asked him to go get laundry from the dryer and find brother #3 clean pants, he thought I meant carry the laundry upstairs and just leave it in my room.

It will get better, I know. Everyone is gone, baby is asleep and I'm going to sit and relax with a cup of coffee.


Dana said...

Eeekk! I sure hope your coffee is good. And, I hope you find a bit of chocolate hiding somewhere that you forgot about!

Natalie said...

Mercy! Can I send a sympathetic hug?
I think we have variations on the same theme over here, except I am missing the cup of something hot and fortifying... think I'll brew something before I tackle bill paying...

Julie said...

Well, baby didn't sleep very long this morning but is finally napping now -- after helping me clean out thr fridge. That has got to be worst than cleaning bathrooms. Ick! At least I got some housework done.

Oh, and Dana, I didn't find any chocolate but do have candy corn. Any sugar will do in a pinch.