Twelve days until Christmas

See that stocking hanging on the door? That's all the decorating I've done so far.

Don't know what it is but I can't get motivated to get Christmas things done, and we're what, a week and a half away? Yikes!

Not only am I behind in holiday preparations, I'm behind in reading others' blogs and even posting on this blog. (This is even a recycling of something I wrote on my other blog a few days ago, lol.)

I know I'll get everything done, I always do. I just think it will be lower-key than years past. I think I'll focus on doing things "with" the kids instead of "for" the kids.

I'm not alone in this, right? I know I've talked to a few different moms who aren't going as all out in the gift department. Maybe because their kids are older? I don't know. We all realized our kids A) don't play with what they have and B) don't even remember what they got last Christmas.

To that end, our boys are pretty much just getting new bikes -- cheap Kmart/Target/Walmart/etc. bikes (as long as I find out they aren't made in China). They've all gotten too big for the beat-up hand-me-down bikes they have in the garage. We know they will be used and remembered!


Jo and JD said...

Here is a though for you to ponder....

Of all the Christmas Mornings that I have celebrated (58 of them this year) the gifts that I remember most are the ones that were hand made by my mother and the ones that came at a time when money was tight and I may have only gotten one or two things.

Have a wonderful love filled Christmas.

Julie said...

My favorite gifts from childhood were the handmade ones from my aunt. She made them or bought them at craft fairs and they were always the one gift we chose to open on Christmas Eve.

Natalie said...

I've done a lot of decorating and sewing and baking... and it hasn't made me feel any more prepared, and I think it has a lot to do with feeling *behind* when I compare myself with the neighbors, other school moms, some blogs... time to pause and appreciate where I am... it's all too hectic.

Lisa said...

I'm getting the sense from a lot of blogs that many people are feeling this way this year! I think it's as much a back lash to the excessive years past as it is a true lack of money.

For me, I am making a few things for the family and calling it done. No more stuff just for the sake of having things to open. We all agreed that just being together, maybe reading some new magazines, enjoying a fire and dinner together. Perfect!