The first few days of Christmas celebration

Amazingly enough, it is Christmas Eve and I have a few minutes now to myself. Everything is wrapped' baked or otherwise prepared for tomorrow. And it is Boys' Night in our house. My husband's only brother is here doting on the boys, and vice versa.

I'm going to share a few photos from the last few days and then retire to my room -- alone!!! It is the best present in the world!

This is Noelle, a little Christmas gift a friend got a week early. She's a snuggler, but our dog Alice didn't like her so much.

The little one didn't mind seeing Santa at dh's Christmas party. It was the 5yo who was less than cooperative. See the scowl?

We all went to church together yesterday. (The older boys usually go with Dad while I stay home with the little one. He's Catholic. I'm not.)

The oldest two were a wise man and shepherd in the Nativity pageant. The 5yo was being less than cooperative about that too, lol.

I had to pause and take pictures of the decorations, of course.

Then it was on to a possible new tradition for my side of the family -- Christmas bowling -- followed by food and gifts at my sister's house.

I finished the day with some last-minute gifts. Printed labels for packaged seeds from our garden and ribbons for the dog biscuits we baked a few days ago.

And finally, printing pictures for a frame I got for Christmas last year.

Good night all. See you after Santa visits.

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