Can I do it all?

Now I know why I've never seriously looked for a full-time (or even part-time) job outside the home.

Just trying to put in some time every day on Red Hen Studio business is soooooo stressful. Not just on me, but everyone in the family.

I feel like one of those plate jugglers in the circus. I keep one aspect of my life spinning but still under control, while other parts go crashing to the ground. Particularly anything related to housework (which automatically gets pushed to the side just because, well, because it's housework).

My husband has been great in all of this, trying his darndest not to trip over the clutter, which he admits is hard to do given his 6'2" and 240-pound frame. He avoids my work room whenever possible. Kind of hard to do since our front door opens right into that room.

He's also putting in a lot of weekend time cleaning, cooking and tending to the kids along with his typical outdoor chores of the season. With me being busy, he's had to put freelance work and inside household projects on the back burner. All in all, he's been super supportive in spite of needing to let his "plates" crash to the ground so I can keep mine going.

My boys, however, are feeling put upon with their new responsibilities and my insistence that when I tell them to clean up their rooms, it means they really clean it instead of just giving it a cursory once over.

I know once the holidays are over, things will settle down and hopefully, the house will get the attention it needs. And the boys will get used to the new way we are doing things. I'm hoping when I figure out how to successfully balance all my plates, I'll be able to help them with theirs.

About the photo: At least Alice has been entertaining my youngest during day, even if it means they decide a good place to sit together is on the dining room table, in the front window, amongst all my business stuff.


Natalie said...

It's impossible, yes? But we keep trying. Thank goodness for forgiving husbands and patient families.

Heather said...

It's a good thing for your boys to learn some household responsibilities though Julie. My boys did, and now that they are adults and married they are both happy to have and use those skills.