Have a flocked Christmas

When we were "snowed in" on Sunday, we relented and let the boys decorate the tree by themselves.

It's decidedly un-Martha-like and sparse. Perfect for the little 5-1/2-feet-tall tree they picked out the day before anyway.

I don't think they wanted to bother with carrying all the boxes upstairs and quickly got sidetracked playing with the two different train loops they put under the tree.

I was pleasantly surprise that they took my new collection of vintage plastic and flocked Santas from my work room and put them on the tree along with some of their handmade ornaments, gold glass balls, candy canes, a stuffed moose, one strand of lights and a roll of duct tape (don't ask).

They don't really go together but I thought it was cute that the Mrs. looks like she's puckering up to plant a big kiss on the Mr.

Another Mrs. Claus.

And another Santa.

I don't know why Dopey was hung upside down by his wrist and I didn't dare ask.

This is probably the last time these guys will be hung on a tree. I have some crafty little ideas for them for next year.


Missy said...

Love Dopey hanging by his wrist...and everybody puts duct tape on their trees. It's the new "in" crafty tree decoration. ;-)

Happy Holidays Julie!

Natalie said...

Oh please... we have to ask about the duct tape! Too cute.

Jo and JD said...

I love the way you keep your children involved and active in the spirit of Christmas. So many praents are happy to let their children vegetate in front of a TV as long as they are not being bothered.