Handmade holiday beads

I didn't do as much of a handmade holiday as I wanted to. In fact, I made fewer gifts this year than I have in the past, unless you count printing my photos!

I did make these beaded keychains for my four boys using up hand-me-down beads . I bought the drum charm (on the bottom) from Etsy for my oldest. It is from the US Bicentennial. The two red charms have knights' helmets. I got them for pennies at a garage sale.

The second one from the top is for my youngest. I received a string of beads from a friend a few years ago. It was supposed to be hung to entertain cats. Since we have no cats, I looped it together like a necklace.

My youngest loved to hold onto it while nursing or sitting in his stroller, fingering each unique bead. It broke apart over the summer so I reused some of them, including a bell at one end and a kitty bead at the other.

The boys have hung them from their backpacks. I won't win any awards, especially for how I finished off the ends of the wire that hold the beads together, but the fact that they like them is enough for me.


Natalie said...

My children are my favorite critics... I get so thrilled when they like something I've made! I like your beaded key chains too.
Happy New Year!

Jo said...

I think those are very creatively made. I know my older grands would love them.