The Zhu Zhu alternative

I really don't get the hype over Zhu Zhu pets. Thankfully none of my boys have asked for them for Christmas. (And that they haven't discovered the website. That noise is soooo annoying!)

I, however, would buy as many of these guys from Etsy seller Zygopsyche as they ask for. I discovered them last summer while looking for alternatives to real live furry pets. Aren't they adorable?

 These guys are cheaper than what the elusive Zhu Zhus are going for on Amazon.com right now, they are so much cuter and they are handmade in the USA. Plus, I know my kids would use their imagination so much more with these little guys What more could you ask for?

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Mary said...

Love the Zhu Zhu, but really got excited when I saw the Girl Scout handbook. Can you guess why? I recognized it!