Snow day!!!!

Of course, even with the prospect of not going to school because the snow was falling so hard, my boys were up early. Their eyes were glued to the tv and computer screen.

At first, school was just delayed two hours while all the others were closed completely. I think our superintendent likes to make the kids squirm. There was no way, even though we were in a walking district (and therefore no buses), anyone would be able to get to school in a timely manner.

The roads hadn't been plowed at all and most people had to clear their drives and walks twice throughout the day. Plus we were going to get rain on top of the snow.

Instead of making things more difficult by having everyone home, I was able to work in peace today. Not only did they all play nicely together and with the friends who came over, they cleared all the snow off my car and the driveway. And just did a whirlwind cleaning job inside the house. I'll take snow days like this more often.


Doreen said...

Hello! We are not far from each other...I'm in W. Pawlet VT..I think you may have gotten more snow than we did!!!

Your snow day sounds wonderful..oh how I use to love snow days when my kids were young!!

Enjoy the day,

Michelle Gartner said...

We had a snow day too in Wisconsin... it wasn't too bad, but the next day the temperature dropped and there was ice everywhere on the walks. It's kind of nice to have all the kids home in the middle of the week. (I have five kids). I try to enjoy them altogether because my two oldest will being leaving the nest in a couple of years. (or maybe not if the recession keeps going).