The next generation of crafters

Even though I am very crafty, I'll admit I don't have the patience to do projects with my kids much. (I was glad when they went to preschool so they could do the messy hands-on activities there instead of at home.)

Even without actively teaching them, each of my kids have picked up on handcraft, esp. needlework, on their own. Pretty cool for boys!

To me, it is the process that means the most and not necessarily then end product and they are so happy to complete simple tasks, recently including sewing an arm back on a stuffed snowman, making crochet chain bracelets (I remember not learning anything beyond the foundation chain when I crocheted as a kid) and making their own Teenage Mutant Ninja eye masks.

I now have a second child in middle school and taking CC Skills, what used to be called home ec. He came home so excited when he earned his sewing machine "driver's license" and brought examples of his work home. Hard to tell in the photos, but he is really good, especially with straight lines.

Just in time. He wants to make rice-filled fleece bags for Christmas. This after chatting it up with a woman who sold them at a craft show back in October.



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