Time outdoors

This was my kind of Black Friday shopping. In a very small town (Lake Placid, NY) with adorably Adirondack-style decorated windows and any sort of crowd only after we were done shopping.

When we headed out for a walk on Saturday, we found our first woolly bear of the year. Hard to believe he was still out in late November but the temps were in the 50s. According to him, with his wide brown section, we will have a mild winter.





It was a surprise to see a cat on a leash at the playground. Its owners were surprised he garnered so much attention. More than once the kids surrounding it scared it up the tree.




Still color out there in the drab days between the leaves dropping and the snow falling. I understand the sumac berries would make a nice burgundy dye for fabric and yarn. Maybe next year....




Couldn't resist shooting the Old Glory in the noonday sun. Didn't realize while I was doing it that the flag was made of vinyl or something. I don't like those wrinkles but it is less noticeable in the second photo.



Have you been enjoying similar mild weather where you live? Are you getting outside more like us?

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The Feathered Nest said...

Your photos are always so beautiful Julie, and your boys? adorable!!! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful ~ now onward to Christmas!!! hugs and love, Dawn