Got Christmas stockings?

I made dozens of Christmas stockings to sell a few years ago, after making them for my own and extended family. Maybe I made too many of  them (or people preferred getting them from Walmart, I've overheard that at craft shows and it saddens me) but I have a lot left.

I haven't relisted them on Etsy this year, but since I have quite a few new followers through Twitter and Facebook, I thought I'd offer them here. Each one is 19"long diagonally from hanging ribbon to toe. They are completely lined with with cushy batting between layers and no raw seams showing.

I'm asking for $15 per stocking (with shipping included) and can give you a deal for multiples. I also have mini stockings (10" diagonally) in a wide variety of patterns and medium-sized stockings (17" diagonally) in train motifs for $5 and $8 respectively. These are thinner as I omitted the batting and they don't have cuffs.

Leave me a comment, or contact me on Twitter or Facebook, about what you are looking for and I will let you know exactly what I have available. Merry Christmas!





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