Our Christmas was white

The drive to Rutland, Vermont yesterday looked like a picture postcard at times. The higher elevations were partially surrounded in fog and the trees looked like they were topped with confectioners sugar.

As we drove into town, I was concerned there wouldn't be any snow on the ground at all for the kids to sled on. My inlaws' new house is on a hill and was blanketed in white. As we got out of the van, I noticed not snow on the trees but white spikes.

These might look like needles on the tree branches
but they are not.

It was rime or hoarfrost, I'm not sure which.

I spent about an hour walking up the hill, taking photos of near and far objects, and of all the cousins having a blast sledding. Working on all of them now and I will put them up on Flickr when I'm done. Hope your holiday was as merry as ours was.

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