Winter white pincushions

Day two of assembling pin cushions -- while sitting under a big fluffy blanket, with an always-full cup of decaf and movies on tv (and the kids playing nicely around me for most of it).

Today's theme was winter white fabrics, trims and buttons in aluminum Jell-O and other gelatin molds. Just like yesterday, it was fun to see how each one progressed as I added more and more layers to each piece.

On tap for tomorrow? A variety of silver pieces. Not sure if I'll stay with the white-on- white. I'll see how I am inspired in the morning, but I am liking the combo here in these photos.



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Gosia said...

The pin cushions are beautiful. I can't fathom how you can possibly find time to make these awesome things with your busy family around.
Stopping by from SITS.