Not your father's neckties

Well actually, these could have been your father's neckties. Or your grandpa's. Now they are women's scarves.

Last fall, I bought a huge box of ties. The owner must have only worn browns, greens and blues. Almost every tie had a color-coordinating mate.


I ran them through the washer and dryer (if they got destroyed, I didn't really care as there were so many) then ironed them and put them away.


I've made scarf ties in the past and almost all of those sold at local craft shows so I knew it was time to take them out and get busy. It has taken me nearly two weeks of sporadic work to get them sewn up and trims added to the ends.



 I got a special request to have black ones at this Saturday's craft show.  I finally found vintage black neckties (a rarity around here at least) and have three more scarves ready to finish tomorrow.

I plan to eventually list these on Etsy, but want to wait until after the weekend. If you see any you like, just send me a message and I can put it aside for you.  They are $15 including shipping.

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