What I made today

Sorry for the poor quality photos but once this came together,
I just couldn't wait to share it.

I've been pulling together all sorts of  little containers to make pincushions, including lots of metal since I sold the last of these shabby ones last week.

When I started, I had no idea how it would turn out. The vase is marked "Porcelana Schmidt Brasil by Leart." I cut a small circle from a pale green remnant with tiny embroidered flowers, made a fluff-filled yo-yo and glued it in place.

Since the vase top's radius was so small and flared, I was having a hard time encircling it with trim. Yellow braid to the rescue! This is actually two layers of it -- one on top of the flare and another glued perpendicular to that.

It still looked unfinished, but I knew exactly what would work, I just had to find it! It is a strand of small beaded flowers I've had for years. OMG, could they be any more perfect? This little piece stands all of 3" tall but is a powerhouse, I think.

I only hope I am as equally inspired with the rest of the materials now scattered on my work table.

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G.L.H. said...

I'm always astounded when something I've had for years and years matches a new project exactly. Like it was waiting all that time for its perfect "mate."

I am really, really enjoying all of your pincushions. I've seen numerous silver sugar bowls at thrift stores and never knew what to do with them. Next time, I'll buy it!