Scarves, boots and a dog's place in the sun

Winter has arrived, or officially will tomorrow when the first real snowstorm leaves us and expected 4 to 6" of the white stuff. My boys are all ready for a snow day and I ran all my errands today just in case I can't get out of the driveway. And now, I'm sharing this blog entry, inspired by winter.

I just finished up two custom cowls made from Lion Brand Wool-Ease Yarn. Two craft show attendees liked the Alpaca cowl I was wearing and asked me to make them some. While this yarn is a bit heavier, the drape is nice and soft, and they much more economical to make.

About a month ago, I took a peek at the shoes while at the large local Salvation Army Thrift Store. I never pay much attention as they always have smaller pairs available, nothing that fits my clunky size 10s.

Even if these 9s hadn't fit me, I would've bought them to share with someone. Can't pass up Cole Haan boots for $3. I have a similar pair of boots but they aren't nearly as comfortable or butter soft. And these do fit me!


My husband said he had boots like these when he was younger. My oldest son is so jealous they are too small for him. What a cool retro look and they fit the 11yo perfectly. I think it is the red laces that make them so cool. (Oh, the step stool I set the boots on cost me all of $3. Love SA's new pricing policies!)

A big sign we are in the winter months is Alice's choice of a perch. She's always cold, and when not under a blanket with one of us, she tries to find a spot of sun. This time of year, it is atop the 3-feet-tall hutch in my studio, right at the front window. To get up there it is quite the obstacle course for her but she does it with minimal effort.

How are you getting ready for the storm that is going to affect much of the country? My plan during our inevitable snow day is to crochet two custom hats and maybe rent movies with the boys -- after they help me with the household chores I haven't gotten to myself.

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