I'm so sorry....

....I can't believe I left you hanging!!!!

While cleaning up the dining room, I realized I never posted photos of my new embroidered linens stash. After looking it all over a few times, I can't believe all the time the women who made them must have put into each piece.

The photos aren't great but here it all is.

It completely covered my long hutch.
I kind of separated them out into categories.

Two little linen dresses.
Perfect for dressing up vintage teddies.

Pile of larger embroidered pieces.

Pile of smaller pieces.
I'm picturing small pillows from matching ones like the two on top.

Calendar tea towels.

A few colorful aprons.

These are my favorites. Would this be crewel? It looks machine made but it too was probably done meticulously by hand. There are at least 6 of them with a different floral motif.

Crocheted and tatted pieces, both finished items in and of themselves and trims to be added to other items.

Everything is packed into the cute pink trunk,
which is now used by kids and dog alike.

Another of my favorites is this wool blanket with fabric trim. The former owner said it was on her grandmother's bed. It matches my room perfectly, so it is going on the back of dh's chair.

It has also given me an idea o what to do with my collection of old wool blankets.


janey said...

These are lovely pieces, we can often see things like that here in England but often they are really expensive, I have a few I have collected over the years. I had some dresses like that for my daughter when she was a toddler, She looked so sweet in them, but I must have passed them on long ago as she is now 25!

By the way what do you mean by a hutch, in England this is something we keep rabbits in but I'm sure you mean something much nicer!!!

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

OMG, you went to vintage linens heaven!