The gift that made my dh cry

After nearly 14 years, there is no longer a crib or toddler bed in our bedroom. It can once again become the sanctuary we wanted when we added on 2-1/2 years ago -- when we thought we were done having babies.

My dh has been bemoaning the lack of a space for himself. Kids' toys and a delayed remodeling project have taken over what was once his model railroad room in the basement. My crafts and business stuff have taken over the dining room and office. General life clutter has filled up our kitchen/living room area.

He's always said he wanted a chair in the few feet of free space in our bedroom, so I secretly set out in search of one. I started out looking for a second-hand upholstered armchair but they are hard to come by when it's not garage sale weather.

I checked out the two used furniture stores I had visited while looking for our bedroom suite back when the addition was finished. I found this little beauty (and a treasure trove of inexpensively priced gems that will require a return trip) for $25.

It cleaned up better than I thought it would. A little Murphy's Oil Soap on the wood and a concoction of water, dish liquid and vinegar on the leather brought out it's beauty. My plan is to replace the replacement leather on the back with fabric but for now, it is lovely as it is.

Especially after I threw the quilt my sister made us for our wedding over the back of it.

Once I had it all arranged, I called dh at work and told him I had a surprise for him. The shock of seeing it in place brought tears to his eyes. I'm never able to surprise him on holidays (that's his specialty) but I got him good this time. Now, I just hope he can find the time to sit and relax in it. His schedule is filled up more than our house is.


Rebecca said...

Awww..how sweet. And just in time for him to start thinking of a little something for you for Valentines Day.

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh, Julie. What a sweet thing for you to do for him....and the chair, WONDERFUL! You did so good! Small thoughtful things are wonderful...xxoo, Dawn

Jo and JD said...

Don't you just love it when the smallest act of love can touch someone so deeply?

Good Job!

A.D. said...

What a cozy corner! The chair is a great find.

G.L.H. said...

How lovely! Thanks for sharing the Before and After photos. Such a thoughtful gift.


Penny said...

That has to be the sweetest story I've heard in a while! How very thoughtful (and sneaky) of you!