Snowcapped evergreens

This is how I spent much of the weekend.

It is cool enough to sit with a cup of tea, an afghan and the dog.
Notice, it isn't quite cold enough to wear socks however.

My swirly scarf is of thrifted dark green and cream wool yarn.
I ran out of the yarn before I got to the final row of stitches
and it looked a bit limp and dull this way.

So I did the final row in cream wool yarn I found with the other.

It now looks like funky corral.

Given the colorway, I prefer to call it "Snowcapped Evergreens."

I shared how I made this scarf on Wardrobe Refashion.
You can make your own!


Stephanie said...

I love your new scarf...thanks for the directions...I think I will give it a try!


Rebecca said...

Brrr, I have been wearing socks for weeks.