Martha, Martha, Martha

I've got two phrases going through my head right now.

The first is "Martha, Martha, Martha"
a la Jan Brady whining "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia."

The other is "5 bucks 5 bucks 5 buck"
from the Pizza Hut commercials a few years back.

I've had these on my ready-to-put-on-eBay list forever now.
It's just not worth the fees to sell much there anymore.

So, instead of putting them back on my bookshelf
never to be opened again, I'm offering them to you
for $5 apiece (or the 2 soft covers together)
plus $4 shipping via USPS media mail.

This is the prize winner in the bunch --
a marked First Edition from 2005.

Since Martha's face has been decorated and
the jacket has a rip, you'll be getting a real deal.

Still just as pretty and definitely just as useful without the dust jacket.

This thick, 600+ pages book is from 1995.

These are two soft cover books, respectively from 1994
and 1998 (the paperback version of her first 1982 book).

This isn't from Martha, but instead from Williams-Sonoma, 1998.

Please post a comment if you are interested
or have more questions about the books.
Or if you just want to commisserate about
what eBay has become.


lorrwill said...

I am pretty sure you could sell these on Etsy like under supplies or something. The fees are Waaaaayyyyyyyy better than eBay.

Julie said...

Thanks, I just looked at Etsy and there are other Martha books listed there. I thought newer things couldn't be listed but I guess since they are how-to books, I could do it.