In the mail AND works in progress

Getting the mail has been fun the last few days.

While roaming around Etsy and looking for local artisans, I bought catnip from the organic Wildenblue Farm to use in cat toys made from my yarn stash. My "neighbor" Laura so thoughtfully included the lovely feathers.

From my sister, also named Laura, I received this beautifully knitted scarf. Goes great with my Harris tweed coat. I just hope the weather warms up so I don't have to wear it much until fall.

On the works-in-progress (WIP) front, I've got lots going on. I started this yo-yo doll weeks before St. Patricks' Day but I still have no idea what I'm going to use for a head. I'm kicking myself for not picking up the elfin plastic head that sat in my favorite thrift store's craft box for months. When I went back last week, it was gone. It would've been perfect.

I reprinted and framed my dh's Christmas prints. Or at least started framing them. I put them in an old green window with a weathered board and 4 white ceramic door knobs at the bottom. Still need to find something for the missing center pane. This is one of those projects that kind of evolves if I leave it sitting out, so I know it will come together eventually.

The pretty little slips laundered perfectly so I pulled out gauzy fabrics and bought some accessories to turn them into fairy princess costumes. I'm not sure if I will add actual wings but know I will make each one a matching gauzy floral headband and probably a brooch to attach to the dress.

While being creative, I have actually cleaned up my studio space a bit. I at least made neater piles, lol. I also set out more things to work on -- tote bags, vintage children's book pages to frame and hobnail lamps that need decorated shades.

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Cami said...

I must comment on the scarf: just lovely! It was almost 90 degrees here today and I will miss wearing all of my beloved scarves!