On the business front

Like many people, I'm really fed up with eBay. It's not worth it to list things given the fees and time involved. I'm reserving it for larger items that I know will sell and make it worth the effort

I'm listing quite a bit on Etsy and it's been hit or miss. I find vintage things and how-to books tend to sell better there than my handmade items. I'm trying not to be disheartened by the lack of sales. I hope it is just a matter of finding my niche and, hopefully, my other sales will boost my feedback and get my name out there.

I spent time today trying to optimize my store. I added a banner of work I've done in the past. And listed some more items.

(I don't know why it is so small here, lol.)

Lots of pretty trays, including this one with tropical cockatoos.

Kitschy items like this owl key holder.

Ephemera, like this deck of cards.
(Which sold right away.)

And books, like this one on making skirts.

(Can you also tell I've been playing with layout and photo sizing on Blogger. Needs more work, lol. I've tried 6 times to fix it and can't. ROTFL!)

I'm working with my shopmates on Collage to see how we can generate more traffic on our site. What started out with good intentions has kind of petered out.

I'm also doing more research on Hyena Cart forums to see what products of mine would work there. So far, it seems, re-purposing clothing into children's clothing would be popular.

Dawn just opened a store on eCrater, a free online marketplace. I'll look into it when I get the time. Same goes for big cartel which caters to the artistic crowd.

And I haven't even begun to think about the local craft fair season coming up. Ugh, I feel like my focus is so scattered.


The Feathered Nest said...

Hey sweetie!! I know what you mean about sales...truly I feel that readership on my blog helps stimulate my sales, as most are from my readers. My ecrater is quite sluggish but I haven't added any more items either. I think I've sold three things since I opened it. I'm going to rent a few shelves at an antique mall to sell some of my items from The Plum Tree ~ these items were old news there and might do well in a new location. Have you thought of maybe having a physical space somewhere too? The economy is sluggish and sales are slow everywhere but I'm thankful for what I get!!! Your work is wonderful Julie so give it some time and you'll figure out what works!! xxoo, Dawn

Rebecca said...

I guess finding a niche is the hardest but most important thing, huh?

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

I cant' stand ebay's ridiculous fees. I don't understand how people put so much stuff out there that no one is bidding on??You feel for them. I do a bunch of research before I post anything just to see if its worth my time and money!