I'll get around to finishing Christmas gifts

My poor dh always has to wait for his gifts to get finished long after I "give" them to him. Case in point, I bought these on eBay before the holidays with plans of framing them ASAP. Is nearly 4 months later considered ASAP?

Before kids and work and other activities took over his life, he was a model railroader. Everything has been pushed aside or packed up in the basement until he has the time for it. Maybe when he retires.

I thought these magazine pages of the turn-of-the-century railroads in our area might make a nice addition to his office. Personally, I fell in love with the Gibson Girl overlooking "our lake."

I'm on the search for the perfect frames right now but I just might use a 3-paned window. The center glass is broken so I need to figure out what to put in there. A message board or blackboard? Maybe I'll create a shelf on which to put a model engine?

Or I could ask him what he prefers, lol.

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