This is for my parents

It's funny that I use the picture of my twin sister and I in our "Bunny Hop" tap dance costumes as my Easter greeting every year.

When my parents decorate their house in Florida, out comes the "formal" Montgomery Ward portrait of us in full regalia. I actually remember going to get it taken. We probably garnered lots of attention.My only other memory of any dance class I had was of the ears falling off my head mid-performance. That's me on the end next to the instructor. Doesn't she make a lovely bunny too? LOL

And since they have doled out all the family photos, here are some more Easter shots for my mom and dad.

In this one, we were just a few months older than my youngest is now.

Here we are with my older sister and brother and almost 1yo younger brother.

This was the year I was 3. We are with my great-grandmother, my new younger sister and two cousins.

The last photo is from 1972. My twin and I were 5 and it was the same spring we did the "Bunny Hop."

Happy Easter, Mom and Dad.


GrandmaJ said...

We loved it Julie!
Love Mom & Dad

Pam~The Treadmill Knitter said...

Great photos Julie!! Thanks for the walk down memory lane :-)