Highland dancers

Bagpipe season is officially upon us. The kids' band concert last night and the other band is performing in an Irish pub tonight followed by a parade tomorrow.

I'll post pictures of the band's performance last night at another time, but I must say it was nice to shoot the guest Highland dancers. Swirly skirts make for much better action shots.

101 photos from the concert are here.


allybea said...

How lovely to see American Scottish dancers! :)

My neighbour (now a very important lawyer) used to be a Scottish Champion in Highland Dancing. Last Hogmanay she gave us a demo (after a few glasses of wine!) and it was just amazing.

Debbie - Neighbor to "Mice on the Mountain" said...

I see you comment often on "Mice on the Mountain" and decided to check out your blog. It's fantastic. You also have a very handsome family. Such great looking kids. Plus... I like your dog. I have 6 Jack Russell's so I like "dog" people as well!!

I especially enjoyed this post about the Highland dancers.


Dana said...

I soooo would have loved to see that. Any of your kids participate?

Julie said...

No Dana, no dancers in my family -- just pipers and drummers. My niece danced for a little while eons ago and imagine if I'd had a girl she would too.