So that was easier...

...than posting the regular way.

We are down here in Baltimorefor a family wedding. It was last night. I have a new sister-in-law. Dh's only brother got married and we welcomed his new bride into our rather large family. I wonder if she knows what she is getting into, lol.

Spring has sprung here (even thought they got at least 4" of snow back home, hahaha). I've taken pictures of what has budded already. I'm trying to convince dh to stop at the nearby highway on ramp to collect the 5 birds' nests I saw on low branches. I know Dawn would love them! LOL

We're heading to the Inner Harbor today for some boy-focused fun. They are looking forward to seeing the USS Constellation and history museums.

See you from home on Monday.


Sarah B. B. said...

Have a great time! Baltimore is lots of fun, and has surprisingly good food. :)

The Feathered Nest said...

You angel! Thinking of me....it's the thought that counts sweet Julie!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend away ~ xxoo, Dawn