My kind of roadside stand

Two days last week I spent in God's country -- farm land in central New York state. It was gorgeous and I'd move my family there in a heartbeat if I could. While driving around getting the lay of the land, I found my kind of roadside stand.

A thrift shop called "Country Treasures" which was actually a tent and barn in someone's yard chock full of stuff. Everything from beautiful colored glassware to rusted old tools to new clothing tucked under tarps in an attempt to protect it from the rain.

I found a small wooden box, clip-on earrings and a broken silver pocket watch, all for about $5. I wish I had more time to dig through boxes, but it was difficult with 3 of my boys in tow. There was fun for them though too!!

From the car, we saw the bunnies in a pen. A girl came out and I thought she said the bunnies were for sale. I didn't hear her correctly.

The pony, Lucille, was for sale. We'd have to move down there if we wanted to bring her home. Sadly, no farm animals allowed in the city. She was a sweetheart but I wanted to give her bangs a trim so I could see her pretty eyes better.

Out of the barn came one of two calves. Another sweetheart, who licked my youngest's hands.

And isn't this old man regal looking? Despite arthritis that prevented him from moving too fast, apparently he's still got it.

These two young ladies are pregnant and due anytime now.
There were also ducks and hens aplenty.

I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of the chickens!!!!
I'll just have to go back...

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woof nanny said...

Eeep! I just want to rush into the picture and be there! Wow. I would go absolutely nuts at a place like that.