Perty church

Does anyone else get grief from family when you pull
the camera out, especially while on vacation?

We were driving along The Seaway in Ontario
and I kept seeing things I wanted to take pictures of.

Dh warned me the boys were going to get antsy
sitting in the car if we kept stopping.

I really think it was him who was tired of all the stops and starts
(not that we had any sort of timetable or any place to be that day).

When I spotted this church, I made him turn off
the main road so I could get out a take a few shots.

He dropped me off then kept going.
I wasn't sure if he would ever come back.

It did give me time to go onto the church grounds
and shoot even more than I expected to.

Thanks, honey, for giving me that time.

I think the results were well worth it.


Anonymous said...

I love old churches! Especially the cooooool doors and windows. Nice shots!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous church!

nyninny said...

beautiful church! i wonder what the inside looked like!