Boy and girl messenger bags

So, I was home only two days this week but I managed to make two soft-sided messenger bags for Collage's stocking this Sunday (click the green box to the right on top).

It really helps that our house, especially my studio, is spotless. Working without clutter is so much easier.

The theme for this month's First Sunday (it was First Thursday for awhile) was "What boys and girls are made of..."
Since it is almost back to school time, I thought messenger bags would be perfect.

Once I found three coordinating fabrics in my stash, it all fell into place.

Wanting to jazz up the flaps, I tried my hand at machine embroidery.

With coordinating quilters' fabrics, I lined the interiors and added lots of pockets in a variety of widths.

I think these would work nicely as knitting or diaper totes.

"See you again" on Sunday after we get back from the North American Pipe Band Championships.

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