Travels in Blogland

I actually had time in the last few days to get caught up on reading my favorite blogs (list off to the right). I enjoyed reading about what everyone has been up to this summer but didn't comment much. Guess I'm just not chatty.

I want to share some new-to-me-blogs with you before I add them to my blogroll.

First, you have to meet the newest addition to our family, Jem. My cousin Steve and his bride are currently in Kazakhstan waiting to bring her home. Much cuter import than Borat, don't you think? (You must start at the beginning to get the whole story of what they've been through in the last few months.)

Oh, while you are at it, go see who just happened to be in my niece's neighborhood -- in Tanzania, Africa. Pretty cool!

Under "Other Mom Bloggers" which I'm changing to "Other Family Bloggers" you'll soon find:
Life at the Craigs
Senior Bicycling
Ninny & Co.
Jayleigh's Grand Adventures
Minivan Life

Soon to join "Creative Links" are:
The Graphics Fairy
Thompson Family-Life
Confessions of an Apron Queen
The Sewing Geek
At Home on the Prairie
christy michelle
Knitting This and That
Farmer Julie
Easily amused, hard to offend
this mama makes stuff

Have fun traveling around the global village that is Blogland. After all the travels we did this summer, I'm sure enjoying it.

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