Finished tie scarf

Take two ties, sew them together lengthwise (a short end to a wide end), line with fabric, cut off and close up the ends and you have a pretty and dynamic scarf.

Take the scraps that you cut off from the ends of the scarf and sew them together like a crazy-quilt, add a fabric yo-yo and vintage enamel pin and you have a matching brooch.

Now, I only have a dozen more to finish....


Andylynne said...

cute idea and really nice with some of the old silk ties that you can find.

Dawn said...

This is ADORABLE!! I smell Christmas presents to be made by children for their friends! Love it!

G.L.H. said...

Wow! I often see such cute ties in the thrift stores; now I know what I can do!

You made a comment on my blog about photographing our Canada Crossing--didn't see any signs prohibiting, and wasn't stopped at all. When I was 11, my family made a trip through Detroit, across Ontario, and to Niagara Falls. Then we went over to the Buffalo side, "just to say we had been to New York State."

It was fun "catching up" with your blog!