Are you tired of pictures yet?

Here are the last of the photos from our trip to Canada, I promise.

This was overlooking a lock on the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Everything along The Seaway was stunning, from the parks...

...to the marinas...

...to the quaint little towns.

I was very impressed with, and took lots of pictures of, the Lost Villages Museum.

It is a series of buildings that were rescued before the area was flooded with the building of The Seaway in the 1950s.

Each building is filled with memorabilia that was also saved and donated to the historical society.

There was to be a wedding later that day in this church.

This site is where I took the bicycle pictures I shared last week.

While waiting for our bagpipe band to practice the night before competition, we watched this youth cadet band warm up for the opening ceremonies.

Their crisp white uniforms, polished instruments and the setting sun prompted my to pull out my camera.

And of course, what would a trip to Canada be without a picture of the Mounties of the RCMP.

This is what the skies looked like when our band competed, just before the storm overtook the stadium. More scary than the darkening skies was the lightning getting closer and closer as they performed.

There's my boy in the back with the glasses.

We stopped in my sister's hometown of Lake Placid, NY on the way home. We didn't catch up with her but got to walk Main Street and see all of the improvements done recently, like this shop's side yard...

.. and the masonry work done at the park.

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jayleigh said...

I absolutely love your photos. The big house was very cool. But my favorite was the next-to-the-last one. Everything about that photo is just wonderful.

Thanks for sharing! Looks like you had some fun!