First up, a trade I made awhile back. Cintia wanted some of my abandoned woven pieces, I wanted her turtle anklet and we were bot Paypal poor, so we swapped. She made this cute little pink pouch with one of the pieces. And here is the turtle anklet I bought for a friend. I got some goat's milk soap too.

I bought 15 bunches of flowers from Caramelos on Etsy for my fairy dresses and crowns. They are even prettier in person and I can't wait to use them.

On Friday, I ventured out with all 4 boys to a garage sale. I know you are saying I must've been very daring to do it. It was at a friend's house. She has 4 kids of her own and great deals at her garage sales. We got two bike helmets, 3 water bottles, a scooter, a swim vest and a few other toys there.

The garage sale down the street was for me. Other crafty kindred spirits lived there. I bought a stash of belt buckles, random jewelry, bits of ribbon and two small painted trays.

I also got more eyelet trim (can never have enough eyelet), 3 crocheted doily/hotpot thingies and some crochet hooks.

At first I passed this up, then went back to it when I was charged so little for everything else. It is a rather long wall hanging from Sweden of embroidered folks in frocks and finery. Can anyone translate the descriptions for me?

These were my favorite purchases there. A twin set of sheets with pretty shabby chic pink roses and a linen piece with rose ribbon trim. They'll have to go together in some sort of project, I'm just not sure what kind yet.


A.D. said...

I love that Swedish piece. I wish I could translate it for you; I'm sure the Professor's gr.mother could have. She used to use quite a few Swedish phrases.

APB will be up in your neck of the woods this weekend, competing at the ?? Games (the EUSPBA Gr 3 championship). Will you be there? Look David up if you are!

Christy said...

Great treasures Julie!

Try this site for translating: